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Our Story

"One of my favorite childhood memories is the first time I stepped into a Double Dutch rope in the Summer of 91, in the center of the housing project of my inner city neighborhood in Hartford, CT. I was just 10 years old, and a couple of kids in the neighborhood, who had later become my best friends, could not wait to teach Me; the new girl on the block, how to jump with two ropes. Too young to be nervous, I instantly caught on, and quickly advanced to speed jumping, jumping in and out of the rope, doing tricks and teaching others

as young as just 4 years old." 

~ Winter 1991
Me: Age 10
Brother: Age 3
Winter 2019
Me: Age 38

Hi! I am Dionne. I started L.A. Angels Double Dutch Club of Los Angeles (LAADDC), an adult & teen double dutch workout club, at age 39 on 9.27.2020,
3-years after moving to LA; soon after COVID-19 forced the state to shut down, and directly before the biggest presidential election of my lifetime. I started in an effort to find others who were mutually interested in getting out of the house; working out, making new friends, networking, getting involved in the community, and who were wanting to relive childhood memories, while creating new ones. 

Unbeknownst to me, Los Angeles was not a major Double Dutch hub much like how the East Coast was in the 90s. So today, in addition to providing a club for novice jumpers to relive as a kid, LAADDC has given me the pleasure of teaching many

first-time adults, just how to Double Dutch!

Double Dutch offers an affordable way to stay fit! It is a great way to tone muscles, burn upto 1300 calories/hr, and improve physical, mental, and social health. Jumping rope not only builds muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance, but it also helps with the development of the left and right hemispheres of your brain, enhancing spatial awareness, reading skills, memory, timing, sensory processing, motor coordination and making you more mentally alert.


Last but not least, jumping Double Dutch with LAADDC builds new relationships, new friendships and new memories!

So JOIN US + JUMP IN to Fitness, Friendship & Fun!

Don't know how to Double Dutch?

No worries. I can teach you! Text Me! @ 77-4 ANGELS 7 

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